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Tom & Christy
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"During our summer absence, Home Watch Jensen Beach delivered outstanding service. Being seasonal residents, ensuring our home's care is paramount. Their meticulous inspections and prompt communications consistently kept us informed and confident. We enthusiastically endorse their services!"
  • Opt for either weekly or bi-weekly home visits.
  • We manage deliveries and maintenance scheduling for you.
  • Airport pickup and drop-off services available.
  • Assistance with errands of all types
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Peace of Mind While You're Away

Whether you’re residents of Jensen Beach, FL embarking on a much-needed vacation or snowbirds migrating north for the summer, rest assured! Your home will be meticulously cared for during your absence by Home Watch Jensen Beach, guaranteeing peace of mind until your return.

Why Choose Home Watch Jensen Beach?


Rated 5-Stars By Our Clients!

Locally Managed

Based in Jensen Beach, Florida, our esteemed home watch company prides itself on its local roots, ensuring an in-depth understanding of the community and personalized service tailored to your peace of mind.

Background Verification

Tailored to your specifications, our services feature the choice of background checks. This offers peace of mind to absentee homeowners, guaranteeing that only trusted and qualified individuals will be granted access to their cherished homes.


Our Jensen Beach home watch company is proudly licensed, ensuring our ability to serve our valued clients with excellence. Committed to upholding professionalism and accountability, we foster confidence in every homeowner we serve.

Covered & Protected

Be assured that we maintain extensive bonding and insurance coverage, providing our clients with peace of mind in the rare instance of accidents or damages occurring while their property is under our supervision.

Homeowners Rely on Us

With a proven track record of dependability and professionalism, we prioritize meticulous attention to detail in providing thorough home watch services. Our commitment is unwavering, ensuring our clients' complete peace of mind.

Clients give 5-stars

Our absentee home watch service maintains a 5-star client rating, underscoring our dedication to exceptional service and surpassing expectations for our Jensen Beach clients seeking reliable care while they're away.

Service Areas

Home Watch Jensen Beach provides service to most areas in Jensen Beach, FL.

  • Pinecrest Lakes
  • Nettles Island
  • Dune Walk By The Ocean
  • River Watch
  • Skyline Park
  • Princess
  • Harborage Yacht Club
  • Cerro De Santa Cruz
  • PineLake Village
  • Corona Del Rio
  • Jensen Park Estates
  • Island Beach Resort
  • Coconut Way
  • Pepper Park
  • Spring Hill
  • Leilani Heights
  • Indian Ridge
  • Hansen Heights
  • Portofino At Jensen Beach Condominiums
  • Jensen Beach Country Club
  • Jensen Highlands
  • Rio St Lucie Terrace
  • Sea Winds
  • Beach Club Colony
  • Regency Island Dunes
  • Oceana Oceanfront Condominiums
  • Gaines Estates
  • Windmill Village
  • Legion Heights
  • Cinnamon Tree
  • Mockingbird
  • Islandia
  • Claridge
  • La Tierra
  • The Miramar
  • Blue Diamond Fruit
  • Island Dunes Oceanside
  • Lake Manor Park
  • The Pines
  • Indian River Landing
  • Savanna Skylines
  • Pelican Pointe West
  • Silas Minor
  • Sewall’s Landing
  • Rio St Lucie
  • Palm Circle Park Inc
  • Skyline Gardens
  • Pine Grove
  • Indian River Villas
  • Island Village
  • Pitchford Minor
  • Skyline Heights
  • Ocean Towers
  • Indian River Gardens
  • Blount Pitchford
  • Riverwood Hills
  • Waverly Heights
  • Beau Rivage East
  • Savanna Highland
  • Sand Dollar Shores
  • St Lucie River Heights
  • Fishermans Haven
  • Tropical Acres
  • St Lucie Vista Estates
  • Petermans
  • Fairwinds Cove
  • Green Turtle Cove Condominiums
  • River Terrace
  • Pineapple Bluff
  • Moon River
  • Sailfish Cove
  • Jensen Village
  • Riverside Heights
  • Beacon
  • Island Crest Condominiums
  • The Oaks At Indian River
  • River Club
  • Miramar Royale
  • Savanna Hills
  • Jensen Beach Homesites
  • Venture Out
  • Jensen Beach Club Condominiums
  • Ocean Dunes
  • South Jensen Heights
  • Holly Creek
  • Timberwick
  • Savannas Club
  • Oceana South Condominiums
  • West Jensen Highlands
  • Savanna Oaks
  • Town Country Estates
  • Island Club
  • Bay Tree
  • The Dune
  • Holiday Out
  • The Falls
  • Oceanrise Condominiums
  • Jensen Park Villas
  • Sugarhill
  • Admiral
  • Empress Condominiums
  • Seaview Terrace
  • Atlantis Condominiums
  • Oak Lane Manor
  • Villa Del Sol
  • Eden’s Refuge
  • Palmetto Grove
  • River Vista Condominiums
  • Indian River Point
  • Arch Heights
  • Outrigger Harbour
  • Blue Heron
  • Sago Sands
  • The Reserve Windemere
  • Cross Roads Hill
  • Banyan Terrace Cottages
  • Ocean Bay
  • Renar River Place
  • 34957
  • 34958

Don't see your neighborhood listed above?

Home Watch Jensen Beach may already be serving your community. Reach out today to discover if our services extend to your neighborhood in Jensen Beach.

Common Issues That Can Occur While You're Away

Many homeowners hold onto the mistaken belief that their absence guarantees a flawless upkeep of their property. Nevertheless, the truth often reveals a contrasting narrative. At Home Watch Jensen Beach, we acknowledge the inevitability of unforeseen events in property ownership.

Our service transcends mere oversight; it embodies a proactive stance toward risk mitigation. Through our regular inspections encompassing both interior and exterior areas of your property, Home Watch Jensen Beach significantly diminishes the chances of overlooked issues culminating in substantial damages.

Our methodology is simple yet profoundly impactful: we detect issues, promptly inform you, and facilitate resolutions. Home Watch Jensen Beach is dedicated to safeguarding your time, finances, and the inconvenience stemming from unexpected challenges. With us, proactive safeguarding isn’t just a commitment; it’s a guarantee of your tranquility.

Home Watch Jensen Beach - Water Leaks

Water Leaks

Common water intrusion problems homeowners may face include instances of roof and roof component leaks, plumbing leaks, as well as water seepage through windows and doors. Additionally, leaks from neighboring units above or adjacent to yours can also contribute to these issues.

Home Watch Jensen Beach - AC Issues

AC Issues

Regularly monitoring the temperature and humidity levels inside your home is imperative to maintain a safe and comfortable environment. Fluctuations outside of safe ranges can lead to the growth of mold or other damages within your living space, potentially compromising the health and integrity of your home.

Home Watch Jensen Beach - Mold


During extended periods of absence, when left unattended, mold has the opportunity to infiltrate various surfaces throughout your home. This infiltration can compromise the structural integrity of your property, potentially leading to extensive damage.

Home Watch Jensen Beach - Bugs & Rodents

Bugs & Rodents

Florida’s warm and humid climate, coupled with its diverse ecosystems, fosters an environment where pests can flourish, necessitating homeowners to implement proactive pest control measures to safeguard their properties effectively.

Home Watch Jensen Beach - Storm Damage

Storm Damage

Amidst the onslaught of powerful summer thunderstorms, tropical storms, and hurricanes, your home stands vulnerable to potential wind and water damage inflicted by these formidable weather events, highlighting the importance of robust preparation and protective measures.

Home Watch Jensen Beach - Lawn & Irrigation

Lawn & Irrigation

Florida’s scorching heat can have a detrimental effect on your lawn and landscaping, especially during the summer season. This emphasizes the significance of conducting regular maintenance inspections to guarantee that your irrigation system is operating at its best.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Home Watch Jensen Beach, we specialize in providing attentive monitoring and inspection services for your property, especially during extended absences like summer vacations. Recognizing the stress associated with leaving your home unattended, our team is committed to delivering peace of mind to our valued clients.

During our scheduled visits, we meticulously inspect both the interior and exterior of your home, diligently searching for any signs of damage, leaks, or potential issues that could escalate if ignored. Ensuring the security of your property is paramount to us; thus, we meticulously verify that all entry points, including doors and windows, are properly locked and secured.

Backed by extensive training and expertise, Home Watch Jensen Beach professionals utilize cutting-edge technology and tools to conduct comprehensive and precise inspections. Additionally, we tailor our services to accommodate the unique requirements of each client, ensuring that your property receives personalized attention and care.

In essence, our mission is to safeguard your home investment and provide you with the assurance of a well-maintained and secure property, regardless of your physical presence. With our home watch services, you can confidently embark on your travels, knowing that your home is in capable hands.

The pricing for our home watch service is customized based on various factors tailored to each client’s specific needs. Elements such as your home’s size, the frequency of visits, and the extent of services required all contribute to the overall cost.

We understand that affordability is a crucial consideration for our clients. While providing competitive rates, Home Watch Jensen Beach never compromises on the quality of our service. Investing in professional home watch services not only prevents costly damages but also ensures peace of mind during your absence.

We are committed to collaborating with you to create a plan that meets your needs and budget. You can trust that your home is in capable hands with us.

Contact us today to receive pricing for your home.

The frequency of our visits to your home is tailored to accommodate your specific requirements and preferences. Typically, we recommend regular scheduling, such as weekly or bi-weekly visits, to maintain your home’s maintenance and security standards.

During each visit, Home Watch Jensen Beach conducts thorough inspections to identify any signs of damage or potential issues that may escalate if overlooked. Ensuring the proper security of your home is also a priority, with meticulous checks to confirm all doors and windows are securely locked.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each client’s needs, we offer flexible service options to align with your schedule and budget constraints. Together, we can create a personalized plan to ensure your home remains well-maintained and secure, providing you peace of mind even in your absence.

During our visits, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your property, checking for any signs of damage or issues that could lead to more significant problems if left unaddressed. We’ll also ensure that your home is secure, with all doors and windows properly locked and secured.

However, we understand that each client’s needs are unique, and we offer customizable packages to meet your specific needs. We can work with you to develop a plan that fits your schedule and budget, so you can be sure that your home is always well-maintained and secure, even when you’re away.

Yes, Home Watch Jensen Beach maintains both bonding and insurance coverage for our operations. If you require verification, we’re more than happy to provide you with the necessary documentation upon request.

Recognizing the importance of entrusting someone with the care of your home, Home Watch Jensen Beach prioritizes the trust and security of our clients’ properties within our home watch service.

To inspire confidence in our services, we implement several measures to maintain a standard of trust and professionalism. Firstly, all team members undergo thorough vetting and background checks, ensuring that only qualified and reliable individuals have access to your home.

Furthermore, we maintain full licensing, insurance, and bonding, demonstrating our dedication to accountability and professionalism at all times. We uphold regular communication and provide timely updates to our clients, ensuring they are informed about any issues or developments observed during our inspections.

Above all, our reputation speaks volumes about our commitment to delivering dependable and professional services. With a history of satisfied clients entrusting us with their homes for many years, we strive to uphold the highest levels of satisfaction and confidence.

In essence, we understand that trust is paramount when choosing a home watch service, and we spare no effort in ensuring our clients feel secure in our care. With a steadfast commitment to professionalism and transparency, we offer peace of mind, knowing your home is in capable hands.

Following each visit to your home, Home Watch Jensen Beach ensures comprehensive communication by providing you with a detailed report that encapsulates our observations and actions taken during the inspection. This report encompasses the current state of your property, any maintenance or repairs executed, and potential issues identified.

We firmly believe that effective communication is integral to our service, striving to keep our clients informed of any emergent issues or concerns detected during our inspections. We understand the importance of timely updates, particularly in the event of urgent matters, and are committed to delivering prompt and informative communications.

Should we uncover any significant issues during our inspection, rest assured, we will promptly reach out to discuss the situation and collaborate on devising the most suitable resolution. Our goal is to work alongside you in swiftly and efficiently addressing any challenges, ensuring the ongoing security and maintenance of your home.

In essence, we consider regular communication and transparent updates as foundational elements in fostering robust and trusting relationships with our clients. Following each visit, we provide detailed reports and remain readily accessible to address any inquiries or concerns you may have.

Home Watch Jensen Beach Reviews

Scott & Mary T.
Jensen Beach, FL
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"We are thrilled with the service provided by Home Watch Jensen Beach! Being away from our home for extended periods can be stressful, but their attentive care truly put our minds at ease. From security checks to routine maintenance, they exceeded our expectations in ensuring everything was well taken care of. We sincerely appreciate their professionalism and dedication!"
Michael B.
Jensen Beach, FL
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"Selecting Home Watch Jensen Beach was among the wisest choices we made as seasonal residents. They alleviated the worry of leaving our home unattended. Their meticulous attention to detail and proactive methods provided us with the assurance that our property was in good hands. We appreciate their dependable service and wholeheartedly endorse them."
Joe & Betty
St Lucie County, FL
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"Home Watch Jensen Beach offered exceptional assistance while we were away from our home during the winter season. Their team was responsive, dependable, and meticulous in their inspections. It was comforting to trust our property in their capable hands. Thanks to their dedicated service, we came back to a well-maintained home. Highly recommended!"

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